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Report from your main man, d'Orc

Good afternoon ladies, gents, wizards, knights, kings, queens, and all the squires of the world!

A battle game is underway in Strifeland on April 3rd, 2021.

This season is really kickin' off with a bang! With the new Kingdom in SeaTac, our universe is growing wonderfully. Marysville is going through some changes and we will be posting an update on that soon. Freeport and Jörmungandr are still on hold, for now, and Strifeland is looking to do more Faction battles! Don't yet have a Faction? Come on down and hear about them all from their own members!

Our sponsor Towerguard has been wonderful in providing loaner gear to the Strifeland field. They will have gear available for sale this week as well, so bring your gold! Friendly reminder that there is a 'check out/in' system for the loaners and the weapons are to be sanitized between users. Please make sure you respect the process and use the system.

Coming up this week, Fareena is training the Pages, Pirate crews are sailing in and the Rangers are taking a stand for their lands. Who will prove victorious?