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The Rise of New Kingdoms

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Kingdom Boffer Association has been through some changes over the last year. The Association is expanding and with that come new kingdoms: Freeport in West Seattle and Jormungandr in Arlington. Our friends to the North, while not a new kingdom, Marysville Boffer Fight Club (MBFC) has also accepted our invitation to join the KBA banner, further establishing both our groups brand of boffer in the region. New kingdoms, new wars and a lot more fun to be had! Invasions and Special Events will be bigger and more meaningful than ever before.

KBA warriors preparing for battle at the second Cold Steel Classic at Lincoln Park in West Seattle.

While growing, Kingdom Boffer Association is also still developing who and what it wants to be. With the addition of Marysville the Board of Directors has decided to field test shield strikes, something the Northern field utilizes and intrigued the KBA warrior base. With such things, talk of each Kingdom having a cultural style and a specialty weapon are making the rounds. And what better way to establish fun rivalries and give credence to why we engage in battle (I mean besides it being fun!). The KBA isn't done, either. The Board has eyes on establishing kingdoms all over Washington. So, if you know anyone looking to start their own, maybe a veteran is moving or headed to college, let the leadership know.