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SCP Earthaven circa 2008

About Us

Kingdom Boffer Association is a 25-year-old boffer combat LARP society based in the Pacific Northwest. Founded in Kent, Washington in 1995 it was given the name Shadow Clan Players, eventually just became known as The SCP, and re-branded Kingdom Boffer Association in 2010 to better reflect the nature of the organization and the games it hosts.

KBA is dedicated to giving youth, teens and adults of all ages a safe place to participate in fast paced boffer combat. Our General Games are reserved for ages 12 and up for the safety of the participants, while our younger members, from 3 to 11 years old, learn to play within their age group in the Page Program. Everyone is welcome at our events!

Our regular events run every Saturday from the first weekend of March (Opening Day) to the last weekend of October (Ragnarween), then we enter our Winter Practice schedule. Weekly events start at 1 pm and end between 5 and 6 pm. We also host several special events through out the season, including the King's Crown Tournament, Cold Steel Classic Tournament, several Meet and Greet events, "invasions" into other KBA fields and other groups.

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