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Shock and Awe at Nerd Faire 2020!

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

I'd like to start out by saying, WHAT AN EVENT! Seriously, Sarah Mustain deserves an award for delivering another great experience. Alright, now that that is out of the way. For Kingdom Boffer Association the Nerd Faire Con has been a must-attend event. This year really drove it home. Not only did the organization have a booth to help promote group awareness, interact with attendees and sell gear to help fund the group's activities.

Fareena chats with Travesty as they await the doors to open while finishing some last minute-gear.

But we also had a demo slot to SHOW attendee what we do and let them participate in our brand of foam fighting. Our Chairman Paul Davenport (Balendor) and Commissioner Jerrell Briscoe (Travesty) addressed the audience with a rundown of basic hit locations and what each meant, the proper amount of force for a shot, what a HOLD call was used for, and other basic aspects of the KBA's rules system. After addressing the crowd, he introduced a pair of our fighters for a quick demonstration of the combat. From there a 3v3 match was used to demonstrate group fighting. Showing off the quick, intense nature of boffer combat, the pair of matches were one-sided and over in decisive fashion.

With the demonstrations out of the way, the floor was opened up to free play and the enthusiasm poured out. Loaner boffers were snatched up of all types, while others wielded their purchased wares, and skirmishes broke out to fill the room! For an hour participants engaged in mock battle while laughing, smiling and encouraging one another.